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1.  How long will it take me to complete my online certification course in Digital Forensics?
Answer:  This will depend on the training option you choose.  If you choose the 5 days intensive course, it will take five days.  If you choose the five Saturdays, it will take roughly one month.  If you choose the on demand, 24/7, self-paced course, you are allowed up to 60 days to complete the course.

2.  How can I decide on which course is best for me?
Answer:  For the certification courses, the syllabus or course contents are the same for the three options.  Your decision will then be based on your time schedule or  based on which of the the course options is most convenient for you time-wise.
3.  How can I register?
Answer: You can make your course selection and register for any of the courses on the Home page or on the individual course pages under Courses.  Click on BUY NOW button.  

4.  How can I make payment?
Answer: By clicking on BUY NOW button, the course fee is added to the the Shopping Cart.  Don't forget to check for the Deal of the Day to see if there is any discount available on the course you are about to pay for.  If there is, note down the Coupon Code so that you can enter and apply it during payment processing.  If there is no coupon, proceed with the order processing.  You can by Debit or Crredit Card and other options available on our payment portal.  

5.  Is it only in USDollars that I can pay?  
Answer:  No. Even though we may have quoted the course fees in a particular currency e.g. USD, you are free to pay in various currencies as provided on our Payment Portal.  For instance you can pay in NGN or any other currency.  This shall be automatically converted based on the official FX conversion rate for that day.
6.  Can I switch from one class option to the other once I register?
Answer:  Yes, you can switch, so far the option you registered for has not commenced classes.  Once classes commence, you can no longer switch classes.  To switch from one class option to the other before the classes commence, Contact Us.
7. If I miss any class, how can I make up for that missed class?
Answer:  For all our Instructor-led Live Remote Virtual Classes, the recorded lectures shall be available on our training portal for replay by interested students.

8. What Certificates do I receive after my certification course?
Answer:  There are two certificates available to you.  The first one is CERTIFICATE OF COURSE COMPLETION, certifying that you have successfully completed the course.  This is given to all those who complete our course.  Thereafter, you will be eligible to sit for the (optional) certification examination of the Computer Forensics Institute, Nigeria (CFIN) for the MCFI (Member, Computer Forensics Institute) designation. You will receive the second ceriticate from CFIN (CERTIFICATE OF PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP) after passing the Certification Examination of CFIN.   We shall assist our students to register with CFIN.

9. Can my organization register a group of students?
Answer:  Yes. your organization can register as many students as possible as a single registration for the purpose of volume discount, which is automatically applied depending on the quantity ordered.  You may also wish to Contact Us.

Please contact us in case you have any other questions.
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